Minutes of the meeting of iLUG-Cal held on the 27th of October 2002

Minutes of the meeting of iLUG-Cal held on the 27th of October 2002.


Timings: 16:00 (IST) on wards

Venue: Ontrack Systems(P) Ltd.
276B Lake Gardens
Kolkata - 700045

Meeting Tux: Amit Khan

Minutes Tux: SDG
(Currently dual booting as Bangla Tux)

OK, we had a meeting (heck - that’s obvious) with seven penguins turning up. The head count :

Indranil Dasgupta
Saugata Ghosh
PK Sharma
Raja Guha
Amit Khan
Amitabha Das
Sayamindu Dasgupta

This was probably one of the longest meets in the history
of the LUG - stretching for around 4 hours!! A lot of things
were discussed - all related to the COMPASS.
OnTrack has promised around 30%-50% of their stall space and
as a minimum, we are thinking about having 3 computers on display
and a single server that would be used for backup, etc.
It was also unanimously discussed that Mr. Raja Guha and Mr PK Sharma
would be the two co-ordinators for the event.

We would be going with an “expect the worse” attitude - and Mr. Sharma
has suggested that all the presentations, etc be submitted by end of
November. (er… OOo/KPresenter please). The files will be uploaded on
the site so that the members will be able to poke it with a stick, and
things like that. Also, we would follow an alternating pattern as far as
the presentations are concerned. For example, we would have

First Day - First Half - Linux for business
First Day - Second Half - Linux for the home

Second Day - First Half - Linux for the home
Second Day - Second Half - Linux for business

.. and so on.

Also, we are targeting to have a member enrollment drive during the
show. There will be a lucky draw system, where people who are enrolling
as members will be eligible for a draw - and set of CDs will be given
out as a prize. The prize will be announce real time on the website -
and this is also expected to draw traffic to the site. Another issue
considered was pamphlets. We are thinking of a A4 sized “chotha” where -
step by step instructions for installing Linux would be described, along
with a general idea about iLUG-Cal and some propaganda (er.. sorry -
advocacy;). Tathagata-da’s name was proposed for this Smiling.
We also had some pretty “wild” suggestions - like

* Chief guest (PM ??/President ??/CM ??) coming to the iLUG-Cal
stall and inaugurating the thing by popping a boot CD of
a distro into the box. Eye-wink
* Utilizing the spectator seats of Netaji Indoor for holding
special interest group workshops Sticking out tongue.
* Inviting bunch of school kiddies into the thing. (Sayan thought
that the event is at Ice Skating Rink - and was very enthusiastic
about that… the school beside Ice Skating Rink Eye-wink
However, this plan was ultimately ditched Laughing out loud.
* Selling advocacy/propaganda books - but that too was ditched as
it is economically non-feasible.

We are also thinking about “Linux - It Works!!” T-Shirts at the event -
that would be a nice little publicity stunt Eye-wink. Also, all volunteers
would be required to wear Linux T-shirts at the event.

Regarding the volunteer co-ordinators (PK and Raja Guha), it was decided
that they will be extremely mean Eye-wink - and should do whatever necessary
(physical violence included Eye-wink to get the volunteers to work.

Also, this year, COMPASS is going to have a set of presentation slots
(2-3 hrs) at some auditorium. iLUG-Cal will be trying to get one of the
slots and hold a workshop like thingy (for assemblers (??).

Regarding sponsors, Ontrack has already promised space. However, for
other costs, we have not got anyone. IBM does not seem to be interested
- and the other alternative remains Red Hat and Samsung. If we do not
get sponsors, providing food (lunch) to the volunteers will not be
possible Sad. So, everyone is requested to think hard about this - and
suggest solutions.

Also, everyone is requested to suggest possible themes for
presentations, etc. And, *serious* volunteers are requested to come up -
and register themselves.

The final decision was that COMPASS would be used a spring board for
iLUG-Cal to jump into some sort of public recognition and if possible,
recognition - and we have decided to take full advantage of the Linux
ripple in the country - Govt of India announcement, etc.

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