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 Kernel 2.4.20

Well, the latest model in the holy and stable 2.4x series has been released - time to go out for a spin. Download the sources, turn off the lights in the room, put on the sacred attire of the Linux high priest, light the candle, and start the compilation. (if you face problems while compiling, [...]

 Minutes of ilug-cal meeting held at HA 12 Salt Lake on 10th November 2002

Minutes of ilug-cal meeting held at HA 12 Salt Lake on 10th November 2002 at 4 pm.
Members present:
1. P.K Sharma
2. Rajib Bhattacharya
3. Siddharta Basu
4. Indranil Dasgupta
5. Amit Khan
6. Saugata Ghosh (Yours truely, the make shift minutes tux)

 Halloween VII

ESR (Eric S Raymond) has reviewed the latest Microsoft leaked Linux strategy document. Quite a few interesting points have been raised in that review. Check out the entire thing at

 Should the logo say GNU/Linux instead of Linux ??

47% (9 votes)
42% (8 votes)
Don’t Care
11% (2 votes)
What’s GNU ??
0% (0 votes)
What’s Linux ??
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 19

 List FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Copyright © 1999 Indranil Das Gupta
1. What is this FAQ doing here and why?
2. What is the list for?
3. What this list is *not* for?
4. Who can subscribe?
5. Is this a moderated list?
6. I’m not a subscriber but I want to post to the list…how?
7. I’m not receiving any posts for a number of days….is [...]

 New Features of 2.5.x Linux Kernel

You have heard about 2.5.x series of Linux Kernel. May be you are
using it. Check the article written by Kernel maintainer Dave Jones
about the new features which can be found in 2.5.x Linux Kernel tree
from the following URL