Minutes of ilug-cal meeting held at HA 12 Salt Lake on 10th November 2002

Minutes of ilug-cal meeting held at HA 12 Salt Lake on 10th November 2002 at 4 pm.

Members present:

1. P.K Sharma
2. Rajib Bhattacharya
3. Siddharta Basu
4. Indranil Dasgupta
5. Amit Khan
6. Saugata Ghosh (Yours truely, the make shift minutes tux)

The main focus was participation in COMPASS and how we are going to utilise the space that will we provided to us. We discussed whether giving lectures and presentations on the spot will be feasible or not. Probably one machine could be dedicated for contineous installation demo and another one for showing how various applications run on linux including Graphics, Office suites, multimedia, games etc. But for doing the same, the need for proper training of volunteers were felt. It was agreed by all that our primary goal at COMPASS shall be exposure of the group and membership drive. Building a linux based visitors registration system can also benefit us. We can possibly have an interractive session with COMPAS members by the end of November.
Besides COMPASS, the group discussed the need for technical session which were lacking over the past few meets. We have to make sure that future meetings must have some technical contents. Amit Khan talked about their own linux distro made from scratch. Its almost towards completion and we hope to see the same in he next meet or so.

The meeting ended with a very short Bird Of Feather session.

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