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 Configuring XFree86 for acceleration using DRI

Configuring XFree86 for acceleration using Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)
Ooohh… So you have one of those state of the art Radeons fitted into your system, and your hands are twitching to get to that mouse and kick up your favourite game in Linux right? But wasn’t gaming on Linux supposed to be the sacred right of [...]

 The quick-fix guide to Slackware Package Management

Slackware Linux makes use of Slackware packages for easy installation, and removal of user installed software. Slackware packages have a .tgz extension and can be obtained from the Slackware home site at, as well as various other FTP sites that have them. Slackware packages contain binary files, meaning that there is no need to [...]

 Getting more eye candy from the Nvidia Cards

These are a few environment variables that could be set for extra eye-candy. (Source NVIDIA driver documentation.)
Anti-aliasing is a technique used to smooth the edges of objects in a scene to reduce the jagged “stairstep” effect that sometimes appears. Full scene anti-aliasing is supported on GeForce or newer hardware. By setting the appropriate [...]

 Building Linux Kernel - - - > An Insight for Beginners

In this posting I’m trying to intend a brief introduction to building Linux kernels. Commands you should type are marked in bold-face
* Make sure /usr/src/linux is a link that points to the kernel directory that you are trying to compile
* Apply any patches that you have first: [...]

 Secure Apache Web Servers on Linux

These are my notes for creating a secure Apache web server using Redhat Linux. This article does not cover protection against denial-of-service attacks. I am assuming that this is a dedicated web server where only HTTP and SSH requests are accepted by the web server. SSH is an encrypted protocol for terminal emulation and allows [...]

 Minutes of the monthly meeting of iLUG-Cal

Minutes of the monthly meeting of iLUG-Cal
* Meeting Date and Time: 7th December, 2002 from 14:00 hours (IST) on wards.
* Meeting Venue: Ontrack Systems Limited - Lake Gardens
* Minutes Tux: Sayamindu Dasgupta aka SDG (
* Penguin_Count: (Lemme know if I have missed out anyone - there was way to much confusion at the end Smiling
Sandip [...]