Minutes of the monthly meeting of iLUG-Cal

Minutes of the monthly meeting of iLUG-Cal

* Meeting Date and Time: 7th December, 2002 from 14:00 hours (IST) on wards.

* Meeting Venue: Ontrack Systems Limited - Lake Gardens

* Minutes Tux: Sayamindu Dasgupta aka SDG (unmadindu@Softhome.net)

* Penguin_Count: (Lemme know if I have missed out anyone - there was way to much confusion at the end Smiling
Sandip Ghosh
Anirban Roy
Arun Sreelalan Iyer
Amit Khan
Tathagata Banerjee
Sandip Banerjee
Sharminder Singh
Anindya Chakroborty
Pradip Kr Sharma
Anirban Biswas
Partha Chakroborty
Raja Guha
Sayan Chakraborti
Sayamindu Dasgupta


Well, we had a meeting (that should be obvious by now Eye-wink. The boot up was as scheduled (14:00), and I tried to setup Bangla support in a SuSE box. However, since the things were a bit outdated and since SuSE has this wonderful habit of being different (don’t flame me - ok?), I was not successful.However I managed to show the layout of the InScript keyboard, which is the “official” standard, and gave a brief idea about it’s merits and demerits. Then we took a look at Knoppix, and went gaga over it.
After that, the meeting formally started with members taking their seats, and off we went with COMPASS.The timings (final??) are as follows:
Date: 23rd to 26th January
Timings: 10:00-14:00 - Business hours
14:00-18:00 - General hours
This may create some problems (depending on how pessimistic your outlook is Eye-wink, since 23rd, 25th and 26th are going to be full fledged holidays, and hence, the crowds may become a little unmanageable Eye-wink. The stall of OnTrack will be either at Sangam Hall (near Park Hotel) or at Netaji Indoor Stadium.
The dimensions of the stall that OnTrack will get is 2 m deep and 3 m wide.
It was decided that we can concentrate on the following things

1. Linux Embedded (someone volunteered to give presentations on that)
2. Linux kernel Hacking (someone volunteered to give presentations on that)

Home Users
1. Linux4gamez - Tathagata-da has suggested Q3A, UT, UT2003, Mindrover, Return to Castle Wolfenstein
2. Linux4office - OpenOffice - what else ??
3. Installinux - Specific sessions on installations

1. Linux4bangla - (If someone is familiar with the Jabber thingy, we can live demo IM in Bangla)
2. Q/A sessions

It was decided that we can give out CDs (..burn them on the spot). We would recommend Knoppix to new users and for those who want it, we can give MDK 9.0/RH 8.0. Debian will not be given out, and those who want it
will be told to contact some of the burner tuxes.
Regarding pamphlets, it was decided that we should stick to the plan proposed earlier - we would arrange for A4 sized sheets, on one side we would have a generic installation FAQ sort of thing, and on the other we can have the general FLOSS propoganda and LUG info.
Regarding volunteers, Mr Raja Guha (the volunteer coordinator) told that we would be needing on the minimum at least six volunteers. Also, Tathagata-da suggested that instead of GNU/Linux T-Shirts for the volunteers (he was not very hopeful about getting a T-shirt of his size Smiling, we can have nice Tux-Caps. It was also decided that the volunteers coordination will be done on list if possible to achieve maximum transparency and accountability.
Regarding the resources needed, we will need the following configurations (the number within brackets denote quantity)

1. Gaming Machine (1)
At least 128M, at least a P3, and *at least* a NVIDIA Riva TnT2
graphics card, decent snd_card, network card, 4-6 GB hdd.
2. Burning and backup machine (1)
At least 128M, fast burner (highest possible speed preferred), network
card (this need not have monitors since we will
be operating it from another box remotely), 20GB hdd.
3. Normal general purpose machine (2)
At least 64M, supported graphics card, 4 GB hdd.
4. Network hardware for connecting these boxes together.

However, it was still not clear (at least to me) who is supplying the reqd hardware. Someone, please enlighten Eye-wink.

The meeting finally broke off with the members forming smaller groups and discussing things ranging from running virii under Wine to QT programming, from Playstation emulators for Linux to setting up and configuring Apache 2x.

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