Here goes the minutes for the meeting held on 2nd Jan, 2003

Hi All,

Here goes the minutes for the meeting held on 2nd Jan, 2003. The meeting was arranged within a very short notice. The meeting was in line with PK’s posting on ILUG-CAL participation in COMPASS 2003 (Jan24-27). Agenda for the meeting was to decide on role and activity of the group as whole and the actions points required for COMPASS event. Mr B. Hari was also took part into the meeting.

It was attended by the following members:

1. Sumeet Madhukar Moghe
2. Indranil Das Gupta
3. Rajib Bhattacharya
4. Tathagata Banerjee
5. Anirban Biswas.
6. anindya chakraborty
7. Amit Khan
8. B Hari (

Ontrack Systems Limited
276B Lage Gardens
Cal - 45

1. There will be an event exclusively on Software - Software World at Sangam Hall during COMPASS.

2. One free stall would be provided to ILUG-CAL in Software World at Sangam Hall Park Hotel during COMPASS. Stall will be just beside the ILUG stalls. ILUG would have two stalls at Sangam Hall and Atul Chitnis will be one of the speakers for the inaugural ceremony after a key note by Microsoft representative.

3. During COMPASS - Software World, there will be free talk sessions on different topics in a auditorium (capacity of utmost 20) inside Sangam Hall. Free talks will be offered subject to free registration on a first-cum-first serve basis. Each Free Slots will be around 30-45 Mins, which may be followed by a QA sessions. ILUG-CAL will be provided for some of the free slots for free talks. Talks/Presentation should be very focused and of high quality.

4. Structure of Talks/Presentations - There will be four different tracks for Talks/Presentations based on the target audiences -
a. Linux for Home Users,
b. Linux for Business
c. Linux for developers
d. Linux for Advanced Users.
Talks/Presentation can be planned like each category or 3 out of 4 category each day twice (one in morning and another in evening) based on the available time slots to ILUG-CAL. There can be around 24/32 slots available
for us.

5. Infrastructure for Talks/Presentation - As of now the following infrastructures are available to us - (by sponsoring arrangement etc):
a. A Small Auditorium with a sitting capacity of Max 20 people
b. One LCD projector with other accessories
c. Internet Connection
For PCs/Systems, we have to find out from Mr PK Sharma. It was identified we need atleast 2 machines for Talks/Presentations with on Multimedia systems. It would be nice, if we could arrange one Laptop for presentation. Other than that we also need some machines for the stall also.

6. We have identified Indranil Dasgupta as the leader for the whole show. Indranil will come up with functional activities required for the show and will delegate responsibilities to other members for each functions. Indra will comeup with details very soon and the same will be finalised and forwarded to Hari by 4th January, 2003.

7. Channel Age, official publisher for COMPASS will come up with a special COMPASS issue (may be in two volumes). We need to provide a write-up on abstract of each track (around 750 words per track) by 6th January, 2003 for promotion of the events.

8. ILUG-CAL will workout on a write-up in Open Source Licensing and other relevant issues for publication in Channel Age. The target date for the same is 6th Jan, 2003. Tathagata will be working on the same.

9. Caps/Logos/T-Shirts - All the possibilities was discussed regarding what could be the identification for ILUG-CAL volunteers. Though it was not finalised yet, T-shirts with Penguin logo and ILUG-CAL name printed on it
could be one of the options. For T-shirts, we may go for standard T-Shirts with other things printed on it and Other possibilities will also be explored.

11. ILUG-Cal will conduct a special technical session arranged exclusively for PC-Sellers/PC-Dealers. The venue and date for the same will be Grand Hotel, 26th Jan, 2003

12. Other than Free Talk Sessions and a stall for ILUG-Cal to demonstrate, there are certain things in discussion stage. I am just mentioning those points so that we would be in a position to handle things - there are possibilities of free talks sessions at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra to address large audience together - i.e. the venue of free talk session may be shifted to Khudiram Anushilan Kendra. But to keep Software World more attractive, COMPASS will try to stick to the Sangam Hall venue unless there are huge hype for the free talk sessions after promotions prior to exhibitions..

13. There could be a exclusive stall on Linux for Bangla or Localisation of Linux - it would be handled by the members worked on or familiar with Localisation of Linux project. This will be confirmed around 10th Jan, 2003.

14. During the January, there will be meeting on every saturday after 4pm or Sunday and Indra will post details for this week’s meeting very soon.

NB: Since it was a long discussion, I may be missed out something. Please point out guys.

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