This is the minutes for the meeting that was held on the 4th of Januray, 2003

This is the minutes for the meeting that was held on the 4th of Januray, 2003 (Prickle-Prickle, the 4th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3169) at the OnTrack Office at Lake Gardens.

People who attended the meeting are

Indranil Dasgupta
Sumeet Madhukar Moghe
Soumyadeep Modak
Sougata Ghosh
Amit Khan
Sayamindu Dasgupta (minutes taker)

NOTE: This kind of attendance won’t do - we need more ppl in the meets, otherwise it becomes difficult to take decisions.

We had a looong discussion, and the major things we decided upon are

1. The Advanced Users segment is cancelled (except for Manas-da’s talk)
2. This is going to be the introductory affair
3. It was confirmed that we are getting 18 sq m (9×2) of space at Sangam Hall (Yay!)
4. We will be getting a banner and a table at Netaji Indoor Stadium

We have also spoken to Mr B. Hari, and we will have to setup our own network right from the cabling. Also, Mr. Hari has assured us that we will get ample passes, and extra furniture and stuff will be available upon requisition. Also we will get a dialup connection (one phone, that is) so I think that will be OK for us to demo KPPP/wvdial.
Also, we managed to contact Mr PK Sharma by phone, and he has promised to be in action by the 15th. Regarding speeches, the initial proposals were Linux for the Office, Linux for the Home, and we are also trying to get Frederick Noronha here to speak on Freedom and OSS. We have also contacted Mr JP Matthew for giving some talks.
We have also got a list of machines we require - they are listed below (along with the minimum configs)

1. 1 PC for install - PIII 1 GiG, 256M
2. 1 PC with a dual headed Graphics Card for The GIMP and Blender (P4 1.7 GiG, 256 Megs)
3. 1 PC for multimedia - P4 1.7 GiG, DVD drive, Geforce 2 g_card, SBLIVE snd_card with 5.1 speakers)
4. 1 PC (Productivity apps and Internet) PIII 1 GiG, 256 M
5. 1+/-1 PC for Gaming …. config has to be as high as possible (GeForce 3 and stuff)
6. 1 PC with a *licensed* copy of Windows 98 in it.
7. 2 servers - with at least 512 megs of RAM
8. 1 machine for registration - this is to be a 486 - and we will run an exported X on it.
9. 1 PC for localization PIII, 128M
10.1 PC for development/linux4schools - P III 1 GiG, 256 M
11.1 MAC - if pssoible

1. Regarding install, we have decided to invite someone from the crowd to do the actual thing - we will be just giving the instructions.
2. We need someone who has experience with graphics tools like The GIMP and Blender.
3. We need a member registration system for the event ASAP.
4. Regarding localization, I will be displaying
a. Bangla Chat
b. Bangla Desktop (icons in Bangla and memus in Bangla)
c. Bangla Word Processor (Abiword)
d. Bangla SpreadSheet (GNUMERIC)
e. Bangla OOo if possible
f. Bangla Gedit
I will also have two chotas introducing localization and I will also hang up screenshots of all the fonts from the Free Bangla Fonts Project somewhere.
5. In Linux in schools, we will be having a poster with all the alternatives that are available for students (IDEs, Office Apps, etc). And another chota highlighting the advantages
6. For gaming, we need to have a chota that will list all the major Windoze games that are available on Linux.
Sumeet will also be demoing Winex in this section.
7. We will also try to demo VMWare and VNC.
8. The development PC will be shared with the linux4schools - and we also need a collage of the screenshots of all the IDEs and tools in Linux.
9. We also need NICs for *all* the boxes, a 16 port switch, cabling, and an external* modem (not USB).

Regarding sponsors, Indra-da has promised to contact GTCDROM and another sponsor for the banners. Also, he will be ringing up Fred tonight to find out if he is willing to come.
Indra-da will also be letting us know today whether there will be a meeting tomorrow or not.

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