March Meeting on the 8th

Heritage Institute of Technology Chowbhaga Road, Anandpur, PO East Kolkata Township, Kolkata -700 107
Heritage Institute of Technology is at Anandapur, close to Ruby General Hospital . Heritage will be providing us a couple of cars or one of their buses to move from Ruby to HIT. If you wish to avoid the trouble, then be there at Ruby’s main gate at exactly 2:10 PM. If you miss the cars/conveyance then you can take a rickshaw/auto to Heritage Institute of Technology. To get to Ruby, here are a few pointers:-

* From Salt Lake / Kankurgachi: Bus nos S-19,GL-3
* From Ultadanga - Shuttle Cars to Ruby
* From Rash Behari - Auto to Bharat Sevashram and from there take an Auto to Ruby. You could also take 18 C or 3C/1[A/B] or Howrah-Anandpur mini to Ruby.


Tech Content

1. Installing and Dual Booting Linux (Beginners/New Users/Intermediate Users)
2. An Introduction to PHP (Programmers/Students/Intermediate Users)
3. Making Windows and Linux talk - A first hand look at SAMBA (Administrators/Students/Intermediate Users)
4. Anjuta - A C IDE

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LUG BoF Session

1. Stock Taking for COMPASS (Subject to availability of concerned individuals)
2. The ILUG-CAL Distro
3. Discussion about a Poster Campaign by LUG.
4. Discussion about proposed Student and School outreach program.

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