This meeting was more like a seminar with talks on different topics

This meeting was more like a seminar with talks on different topics. Our venue was the seminar hall of Heritage Institute of Technology. The arrangement was excellent. We had 2 complete machines, an LCD projector and microphones. The turnout was around 150 if my eye estimate is not wrong.First there was a short speech by P.K.Sharma followed by an inagauration speech by Prof. Ghosh. Then Indranil gave a brief introduction to LUG.

The frist talk was on installation of linux (RH 8.0) presented by Saugata (yours truely). After that Tathagata gave a talk on GRUB and LILO boot loaders and some tips and tricks on their configurations.Then, Anirbam showed his slides on PHP programming. All talks had an interractive Q/A session where the audience were well involved.

Blank CDs were collected for the burn fest. Thanks to Sumeet and Soumyadeep for their initiative and hard work.

The meeting ended with a BOF session and we met a lot of Linux users we didnt meet before. The user group is expanding like anything.

Missed points and corrections to minutes are welcome.

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