LUG Meeting on 22nd March 2003

VENUE : Millenium Park, Babughat TIME : 4:15 PM

MEETING POINT: Millenium Park Ticket Counter. We all collect there at about 4:OO PM and then move into the Park at 4:15 PM. If you are late, then get into the park and be on the lookout for guys wearing Tux badges/having LFY Mags/looking geekish

**Important Point: Millenium Park has 2 sections. One is the children’s Park with the slides, jhulas etc and the other is what I like to call “Lover’s Garden”. We shall be at the latter as that is a comparatively quieter place.

AGENDA (All issues will be discussed subject to availability of time)
[1] Ashutosh College Workshop LecDem @ IISWBM

[2] In PK’s famous words :- “Sameeksha of ilug cal’s compass2003 effort and lessons/guidelines which can be framed from that”

[3] Quoting PK again :- “Meeting venue needed .. try to fix that .. or the parameters for the venue” **IMPORTANT NOTE**: Members are requested to think of their own suggestions for a relatively permanent meet venue that we can bank on, for the next 3/4 months or so. I have a few options which I shall table at the meet. We also need to decide whether we want one meet per month or two.

[4] Discussion about proposed Student and School outreach program.

[5] A final word about whether or not it is feasible for us collect money for the FSF/GNU Project via a **Donation Box** placed at the meet.

[6] ILUG-CAL Distro/ Utility CD.##

Shareware and Freeware downloads

Millenium Park closes down at 7:30 PM/8:00

PM. So members are requested to be on time so that we can deal with all issues on hand. There were a few other meeting venues which were there to be chosen from, but I didnt want to make a decision on that without letting everyone know of the choices available. This, is therefore part of the agenda. Also, from the month of May onwards I shall be extremely busy, and I shall not be able to do justice to my responsibilities w.r.t meeting coordination. So there should be someone who will take up that duty from the month of May onwards and this Saturday is a good day to identify that individual.

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