Minutes of our open-air meeting

Minutes of our open-air meeting.

Members present:

1. Atanu Dutta
2. Indranil Basu
3. Rupak Sinha
4. Anirban Biswas
5. Anindya Chakraborty
6. Soumyadip Modak
7. Anirban Chatterjee
8. Arijit Majumdar
9. Shubhankar Chatterjee
10. Tathagata Banerjee
11. Anindo Basu
12. Indranil Dasgupta
13. Manas Laha
14. Nirmalya Lahiri
15. Sumeet Moghe
16. Saugata Ghsoh

The meeting started at about 4:30 pm after we found a suitable place inside the Millennium Park. Its nearly end of march now and the sun being not so pleasent, we had to opt for a shaded area. The first agenda was, of course the need for a fixed meeting venue.

Several options are: PK Sharma’s office, COMPASS new building, Netaji Shubhas College (near Garia), Ballygunge Siksha Sadan School and Asutosh College. Nothing was finalised but it was unanimously agreed that PK’s office will be the backup venue and we are still hunting for the main venue.
The meeting place must have at least a black board if not an LCD projector. Asutosh college could provide us the place for the next meet.

It was reminded by Indranil that our website has about 70 thousand hits per month on an average. The expected turnout of a preper meeting could easily cross 60. So we have to keep this in mind when looking for a fixed venue.

It was felt the some nominal cover charge will be required from next meeting onwards. Members present agreed to pay
some cover charges. But some consideration will be given to students and other individuals who has got problems. So, *provisionally* this rule was intruduced:
“Pay and attend meets”.
Our participation in the IISWBM LecDem and Asutosh College workshop were discussed. We will need to talk to Asutosh college and also give a written letter to the Principal stating our roles and area of work.

Time was running out and we could not cover all the agendas. We had no choice but to wind up before it got dark.

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