The following heads attended the meeting dated 12-04-2003

The following heads attended the meeting dated: 12-04-2003, at EC-74, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064. The meet venue was arranged due to the efforts of Shubhojoy and Subhankar.

1. Anindya Chakraborty
2. Anirban Biswas
3. Arindam Chatterjee
4. Indranil Basu
5. Atanu Datta
6. Shouvik Purakayastha
7. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
8. Indranil Das Gupta
9. Sumeet M. Moghe
10.Rajib Bhattacharya
11.Arup Kumar Das
12.Shubhojoy Mitra
13.Subhankar Chatterjee

Our Meeting started with Subhankar Chatterjee’s presentation on “Gnu Emacs”, followed by my presentation on “Securing Linux”.

Both these talks were interspersed with discussions initiated by Shouvik (student of HIT) who suggested that the LUG organise seminars and LecDems to reach out to prospective users and thereby ensure continual growth of the community.

The rest of the agenda was left to be discussed in the next meet as IDG happened to have an appointment and RVK missed the announcement regd the change in venue.

The meeting ended with Anirban tinkering with my new notebook and pointing out the silly little detail that I had conveniently missed out while configuring my machine. I finally managed to get a hi-res display and subsequently even sound worked thanks to his tweaking.

We left with a friendly leg pulling session w.r.t the superiority of every member’s preferred distro.


We managed to rake up a decent amount of cash at the meet, though it isnt substantial enough to possibly get us an LCD projector at the next meet. Here are the details of the collection and expenditure:-
Member Name | Contrib
1.Anindya | Rs 30/-
2.Anirban | Rs 25/-
3.Arindam | Rs 50/-
4.Indranil (Dasgupta) | Rs 25/-
5.Atanu | Rs 40/-
6.Souvik | Rs 30/-
7.Sankarshan | Rs 50/-
8.Indranil (Basu) | Rs 50/-
9. Sumeet | Rs 25/-
10. Subhankar | Rs 50/-
11. Subhojoy | Rs 50/-
12. Arup | Rs 25/-
13 Rajib | Rs 50/-
Grand Total | Rs 500/-
Expenses(Decorators for | Rs 165/-
Seating Arrangements) |
Balance | Rs 335/-

The reciept for the expenses are with me. Anyone wishing to have a look at it may visit me at his or my leisure.
Guys, I am having to keep the cash with me since no one seemed to be prepared to do the *Treasurer*’s job. I would be most obliged if someone could possibly relieve me of this added responsibility.

WRT change in the meet venue => The change in the meet venue was necessary since we needed a place which could seat at least 30 people comfortably, (despite the fact that just 13 guys turned up for the meet). Mr Kamlesh was very kind to offer his office and to go out of his way to help us. But I had to look for a venue that suited our requirements better and hence had to decide in favour of Datapro considering those issues. I didnt commit anything to Mr Kamlesh w.r.t the meet, and I dont know if he had actually arranged anything on 12th evening .Anyway, I shall be getting in touch with him to sort out the confusion. I understand the inconvenience caused by the change in the meeting venue and I tender my sincerest apologies to all members affected by the late announcements to that effect. However, keeping in mind, the uncertainty of our meet venues, I would request all members to please keep track of all announcements on the mailing list.

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