Gitobitan Online - a noteworthy effort

Somendra M Bhattacharjee of Bhubaneshwar has finally gone ahead and done it. Over an extended period of time, Somendra has been toiling over the important project of putting Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitobitan online - something the Bengali speaking population worldwide would appreciate. It is finally available here.

Earlier on the process of getting the project online was hindered and hampered by the non-availability of ‘Type - 1? fonts. With these being available for Bangla, the PDF files look much more neatly laid out. .png formats have been made available to ensure that no special readers are required if the browser interface is utilised.

Be warned though, the download (especially the index file where each link is in reality a hyperlink) is a bit on the heavier side. But a search option is available for those familiar with the song lines to drill down to the basic page level. Somendra has utilised LaTeX and bangTex (of Dr Palash B Pal)to make this online production available.

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay is a member of iLUG-Kolkata can be reached at

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