Minutes of meeting on 10th May 2003

Minutes of meeting on 10th May 2003.

Members present:

1. Subhankar Chatterjee
2. Sudeep Mukherjee
3. Rupak Sinha
4. Arindam Chatterjee
5. Anirban Biswas
6. Saugata Ghosh
7. Prasanta Bhattacharjee
8. Sunil Maheswari
9. Sumeet Moghe
10. Sayamindu Dasgupta
11. Indranil Dasgupta

Indranil delivered a talk on backup/recovery and disaster controll in Linux. It covered a detailed analysis of the different archiving and backup tools available in linux, backup strategies, mkcdrec, mondo/mindi, mirrordir, anacron syntax and many more related topics.

He gave a practical demonstration of the mkcdrec program by crashing a test installation of mandrake linux in his own machine and recovering the same using mkcdrec.

During the refreshment interval of his 2 hours talk, we discussed the formation of the study resource group. Indranil explained the idea behind the formation of the study resource group and said it would be online soon.

Sayamindu’s talk on winmodems was postponed due to shortage of time and technical problems. The winmodem on Sumeet’s laptop could not be configured because of IRQ conflicts.

The meeting ended at about 8:30 and we had a very short BOF session.

Sumeet will be busy next month so we have to look for a new meeting coordinator. Of the members present four people showed interest in attending the LAN and gaming party on the 18th.

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Saugata Ghosh

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