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 The end of an era ? Or a dawn of one

Imran William Smith has posted an interesting bit of news on AsiaOSC.
Pointing to a status update in Microsoft’s support for its legacy flagship Windows98 OS, he goes on to quote -
But the major event is probably when ‘extended support’ becomes ‘unsupported’. For Windows 98, this is on 16 January 2004.
For a majority of users in [...]

 Linux kernel 2.4.21 released

Get that robe of the high priest, and light up the candle, for once again it is kernel compile time. The latest incarnation of holy kernel has arrived to bless us - Rejoice!!
Listen!! For the gurus are speaking about the Changes…

 Ximian Evolution 1.4 released

The latest and the greatest version of Ximian Evolution, one of the most popular groupware suites around (though I use it solely as an overbloated mail client Eye-wink, has been released. Version 1.4 has a large number of bugfixes and changes, and it is now better integrated with GNOME2, meaning that it will use the [...]