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 GNUWinII CD : Free your Windows

One of the recurring problems faced by Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts is that being fed on a staple diet of MS-Windows platforms and suites [in their different flavors] it becomes difficult to encourage people to change to a GNU/Linux environment. In most cases the migration curve is steep and the fear and uncertainity [...]

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 LUG Meeting on the 8th August at Jadavpur University

The monthly meeting of iLUG-Cal will be held at Jadavpur University on the 8th of August, 2003 (Friday) from 18:00 hours (IST) onwards. Please click on the “Read More” link below for more information.
The meeting will be held at the Computer Science & Engg Dept premises (at Amitava Dey Memorial Hall, 4th floor, Multi-Dept Building) [...]