SuSe Linux 7.0. Unfortunately

The last time I did try to make a serious attempt at using SuSe Linux was around 1999 when I tried my hand at SuSe Linux 7.0. Unfortunately the experience wasn’t something I relished and thats where we parted ways…till date. I have always been a self confessed fan of Mandrake and Slackware, and definitely I still would say, (IMHO mind you!!) Slackware is the best distro I have ever used. But this isn’t about Slackware, nor is this about Mandrake. This is about SuSe and this time around, I must say the chameleon is making my neighbors go green with envy !!

There is something about Europeans that lets them create absolutely novel Linux distros. Mandrake and SuSe itself are cases in point. Over the last 4 years or so SuSe has upped the ante in end user XPrience (pun intended) and made users both on the desktop as well as the server, sit up and take serious notice. “ Have a lot of fun !!” is the catchphrase that SuSe uses to sell its product and fun definitely is what SuSe 9 is all about.

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