The following are the minutes of the ILUG-Cal meeting held on July 10, 2004

The following are the minutes of the ILUG-Cal meeting held on July 10, 2004 at the Seminar Hall of the Chemical Engineering department of Jadavpur University.

1. The meeting started a little after 10:30 A.M. First Indranil Das Gupta, the co-ordinator of the Kolkata LUG. introduced the LUG to the first time attendees and LUG newcomers.

2. The first demonstration of the meeting was done by Saugata Ghosh. He gave a brief but succint introduction to Access Control Lists (ACL) and their utility in networked systems where files are shared by a number of users. He showed the audience how to configure the kernel so that ACLs are supported, how to set-up ACLs and also gave a few resources including web sites for further information. (He promised to make his presentation available in .pdf and .sxw for download from the LUG site shortly).

3. After this, we had Ranjeet Singh from Onward Novell India ( giving us an overview of Novell\’s Enterprise Linux Solutions. Jaydeep Palana, also from Novell, then gave a demonstration of the new enterprise software that Novell had built around its SuSE Enterprise Server. We had glimpses of how an ordinary user could access his files and data from any terminal using a browser, how a complete office and collaboration tool usable over a network or the Web, can be constructed and how Novell integrates existing FLOSS and propriety software to create this solution.

4. Finally Sayamindu Dasgupta gave an introduction to Localisation (L10n). He outlined the past approaches to Indic Language support in computers. He spoke on their disadvantages and lack of standard implementation, the attempt by CDAC using ISCII, and other problems. He then introduced Unicode, explained how Unicode helps to solve the problems plaguing the development of Indic language computing. He then demonstrated the Ankur Bangla Live CD and explained its features. Twisted-Pair-Sniffer aus einem WLAN-Router.

5. Refreshments (coffee and cakes) were served during the meeting. One guesses it was Arijit-da\’s silent contribution to the meeting since no money was collected from any member.

6. The following people attended the meeting (sorted alphabetically):

1. Anirban Biswas
2. Aniruddha Das
3. Arijit Majumdar
4. D. Saha
5. Debopam Dutta Gupta
6. Falguni Patra
7. Indranil Das Gupta
8. J. Palana (NOVELL)
9. Kousik Maiti
10. Kajari Kar Gupta (Faculty, JU Chem Engg Dept)
11. Moumita Nandy
12. Paramita Chakraborty
13. Partha Pratim Moitra
14. P.K. Sharma
15. Rahul Chauhan
16. Ranjeet Singh (NOVELL)
17. Sampat Kr. Kundu
18. Satadru Roy
19. Saugata Ghosh
20. Sayamindu Dasgupta
21. Semanti Ghosh
22. Soumak Basu
23. Soumyadip Modak
24. Subhobrata Sinha
25. Suprabhat Saha
26. Swarup Roy
27. The lady who left before the attendance sheet was passed around.

7. This meeting seems to have created a record for the largest number of attendees at a Kolkata LUG meet. Old timers please confirm.

8. The meeting ended around 2:00 P.M. with a vote-of-thanks towards Kajari Kar Gupta of JU Chem Engg Dept who arranged for the Seminar Hall and projection systems to be made available to the LUG for its meeting. However BOFH and Q/A sessions went on outside the Department building upto 2:30 P.M.

Special thanks to Arijitda and Anirbanda for taking the initiative to organise this meeting. If I\’ve forgotten to include anyone\’s name or forgotten any important event at today\’s meeting, please correct me.

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