Novell Gives SUSE Pro To Community

In a move officials say will spur more end-user interest in its software, Novell is going to open up a community effort around its SUSE Linux Professional operating system.
The software will be used as a foundation for a new community project called the OpenSUSE Project, which opens up shop on Tuesday at
The Waltham, Mass.-based company will drop “Professional” from the software name, marketing its project under an outreach initiative called “Lizard Blizzard.” The term is a reference to the company’s reptilian mascot, Geeko.
Once the project’s been established, the company expects to include other open source projects that can be used with SUSE Linux.
The site will feature two versions of SUSE Linux, the current version and the version still under development, intended for advanced users. When the OpenSUSE Project goes live, Novell will have SUSE Linux 9.3 and SUSE Linux 10.0 beta 1 on the site, available for free download through conventional means or through BitTorrent.
The source code for SUSE Linux 9.3 is publicly available now, and the source for version 10 beta 1 will go live on Tuesday.
Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, Novell director of marketing for Linux and open source, wouldn’t say how many copies of the operating system it sold in the past year, nor would he calculate how much the company will lose from the move. But its OpenSUSE strategy, he said, will derive indirect gains down the road, as more people use the software and ask for it at work.

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