Why People Like Linux

Unlike the early days when Linux provided a learning platform for people who couldn’t afford UNIX, price seems the least important reason.
What about the Microsoft alternative? Again, we saw that as barely a factor. People just like Linux.
People say that change is the only constant in the universe. A young man with a brain tumor once told his children that everything in the universe is on its way to somewhere else. I used these statements as analogies to the phenomenon called GNU/Linux or Linux depending on your leanings.
The things about Linux that one could characterise a year ago have changed. I remember how wonderful I regarded the 2.035 kernel, Samba, Apache and “C” in 1998. We didn’t have KDE and Gnome but that didn’t matter.
So, here’s the most current findings I have in order of importance. They differ greatly from the reasons Ransom Love gave at a Linux Business Conference in Austin six years ago when the major reasons people used Linux included: File and Print serving, an Internet Platform, Business Applications and Low-cost alternative for LANS.

An enjoyable user experience
Challenging and fun to learn
A powerful operating system
Development platform and available tools
Exciting to watch
Versatility and variety of available options
Community support and applications
Web services
Microsoft alternative
Stability and Security

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