Track your spending

If you have a computer and really don’t know where all your money goes, your life can be easier if you invest in personal-finance budget software. Nearly all of the finance programs have reports that you can customize and generate.
Want to know how much you’re spending for groceries? Or how much miscellaneous cash went to coffee in the morning?
The program will tell you. Your bank statement will include the debit-card amounts, which you’ll need to add in, but not the cash you spend. You’ll need to enter that as well.
Be cautious about the features of any software you buy. There is one brand-name software that will accumulate all of your information in one place. The ads say it can combine your bank accounts with your credit cards and investment accounts — by going into those accounts and extracting the information for you. Another software will make your payments for you automatically.
While it’s a given that they’ve gone all-out to provide security for their servers, not all servers are equal.
If you plan to use an Internet-connected computer for your finances, don’t download any personal finance software from the Internet. You don’t know what’s in it. Instead, pick a name brand that comes in a box at the store. And when you enter your information into the program, don’t put your account number or even the real name of your bank.

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