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 Pitney Bowes Business Insight announced a new cloud application

Underwriter’s Location Profiler, designed for property and casualty and general insurance carriers, provides the ability to automate the location-based portion of underwriting workflow with a number of location-based assessments based on proximity to a variety of risks.
According to a release, Underwriter’s Location Profiler integrates into existing underwriting workflows for both new business underwriting and policy [...]

 Ubuntu Linux to enter tablet fray with Tenq’s P07

Ubuntu will get its first entry into the same tablet arena filled by Android and iOS with a newly uncovered model. Tenq’s P07 is running Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 is more optimized for touch as a result. A 32GB SSD provides the main storage; Ubuntu’s light requirements give it an “almost instant” boot time, Giz-China understood.
The [...]

 How You Know When It’s Time to Switch to Linux

The majority of the computing world “grows up” on Windows, of course, since Microsoft’s operating system still holds by far the largest share of the market. Not everyone stays there, however.
Growing numbers, in fact, are switching to Linux every day, and for good reasons. How do you know when it’s time to switch to Linux? [...]

 Microsoft’s Push in 2010

Microsoft’s 2010 was one of transitions-and make-or-break decisions.
Although Windows 7’s strong sales indicate the company still has a lock on the traditional desktop-bound software market, the tech industry as a whole has shifted its interest and efforts increasingly toward mobile devices and the cloud. To its credit, Microsoft seems to have recognized that transition, and [...]

 Prestigio e-Book reader

E-Book readers are gaining ground yet again, after the renewal of the Kindle; Asbis has released the utterly slim Prestigio Libretto PER3162B e-Book reader. Featuring a 6-inch (800?600) e-ink display with media player, the e-book can play audio and video both. Besides high-quality display the $300 Prestigio Libretto PER3162B has 2GB of internal memory, [...]

 HTC A9191 Desire HD Ace Android with 2.2

Days are gone of tiny screens and missing all-important details. Now, with the HTC Desire HD, experience a truly great browsing experience on its large 4.3″ screen. With added features like pin-sharp text display, vivid photos and vibrant video, the HTC Desire HD is designed to enhance the way websites should be, YouTube clips and [...]

 Android vs. Linux

The omission of Android from the mainline Linux kernel sparked heated debate through much of 2010. Perhaps the most heated exchanges occurred during the LinuxCon conference in Boston where the debate spanned across multiple sessions. At the core of the debate is Android’s use of WakeLocks for power management usage.
During the LinuxCon conference, Google kernel [...]

 2010 - Big Linux Year

2010 was a big year for Linux, with four major kernel releases, multiple enterprise Linux updates and some large vendor shifts that will likely affect the Linux market for years to come.
The Kernel
At the core of all Linux based operating systems is the Linux kernel. During 2010, Linus Torvalds presided over the release of four [...]

 Universal bookmark manager

WebMarX is a browser- and platform-independent bookmark manager. It is a browser-independent bookmark manager for Linux and Windows. Find stored links quickly and open them in the program of your choice.
WebMarX let you decide, which program to use for any bookmark or decides it for you automatically. Easy drag and drop tagging helps to keep [...]

 2010 - the year of Linux

The Linux market has experienced exponential growth globally, including in Latin America, particularly last year due to the effects of the global economic crisis, which increased companies’ need to reduce costs while at the same time staying competitive.
Spoke to Carlos Mu?oz, general manager at Chilean Linux firm Linux Latin America, about the open source market [...]