2010 - the year of Linux

The Linux market has experienced exponential growth globally, including in Latin America, particularly last year due to the effects of the global economic crisis, which increased companies’ need to reduce costs while at the same time staying competitive.
Spoke to Carlos Mu?oz, general manager at Chilean Linux firm Linux Latin America, about the open source market in the region, and the trends for this year.
How would you evaluate the Linux market in Latin America during 2010?
Mu?oz: During 2010 all types of technologies were affected by the global economic crisis, and we saw that the word “project” was diluted by several corporate customers in the region, which led to the suspension of several large projects. Considering this, the Linux target migrated. VPS web hosting. As large projects decreased, we saw a growth in the number of mid and small projects, and although we expect large projects to restart in 2011, the truth is that small and mid-size companies saw in Linux a tremendous opportunity to save costs when adding new technologies.

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