Universal bookmark manager

WebMarX is a browser- and platform-independent bookmark manager. It is a browser-independent bookmark manager for Linux and Windows. Find stored links quickly and open them in the program of your choice.
WebMarX let you decide, which program to use for any bookmark or decides it for you automatically. Easy drag and drop tagging helps to keep order in large collections and find quickly what you want. All search-results will be shown in their original tree-context. Write your own import-plugins to import any kind of bookmarks and write your own launcher-plugins to perform whatever you want with a launched url.
Webmarx resides in the tray from where the main-window is reachable as well as a full bookmark-menu.

Here are some key features of “WebMarX”:
- Setup a button-set of individual launcher-applications to quick launch any bookmark;
- Browser-independent local management for all kinds of bookmarks;
- Pre-define a preferred default-application for any bookmark;
- Open any bookmark with your preferred application;
- Quick dnd controled tagging and tag search;
- Easy drag and drop handling;
- Quick context search;
- Search results are always displayed in a tree-view (instead of a simple list, like in firefox), so you will not only find your deired bookmarks, you also know, where they are located in the entire collection bookmark manager;
- Write your own import / export and launcher-plugins;
- Resides in the system-tray and provides a quick-launch bookmark-menu there.

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