Pitney Bowes Business Insight announced a new cloud application

Underwriter’s Location Profiler, designed for property and casualty and general insurance carriers, provides the ability to automate the location-based portion of underwriting workflow with a number of location-based assessments based on proximity to a variety of risks.
According to a release, Underwriter’s Location Profiler integrates into existing underwriting workflows for both new business underwriting and policy renewal processes while handling exception processing, single address lookups, and batch processing of files. In addition, the solution will include location-based book-of-business analytics, and competitive rating territory information and pricing. The application improves quality and productivity of new property quote submissions by providing real-time risk assessment of locations without additional burden or cost to IT.
“Sustained superior underwriting performance requires precision, insight and responsiveness. Insurers are putting a high priority on improving their capture of data and risk information. They are enhancing underwriting by ensuring that risk assessments are more judgment than luck,” said John O’Hara, President of Pitney Bowes Business Insight.
The expertise of our developers promises high quality and cost effective custom application development. We have extensive experience in many IT specializations, including IT consulting, custom development.
“Our customers share our vision of developing the next generation of tools to improve the underwriting process based on location and data.”

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