6 Linux based mobile operating systems

Linux phones

Linux pretty much owns modern computing. Everything from mighty supercomputers to puny routers run on Linux — in many cases users aren’t even aware they’re using Linux.


Google’s Android is clearly the king of mobile operating systems. After a humble beginning, it has overtaken Apple’s iOS in terms of functionality, features and openness.

Firefox OS

Initially called Boot to Gecko (or B2G), Mozilla’s Firefox OS is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system that adheres to open standards and offers HTML5 applications.

Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS was created by team of Nokia developers who came together to create a company called Jolla after ex-Microsoft executive Stephen Elop joined the company as a CEO. Elop shut down all open source projects at Nokia, including its own mobile operating system MeeGo.

Ubuntu Touch

Canonical has been working on going beyond its desktop business for a while now. The company is also trying to create a convergence story where the same code base would run across devices.

Plasma Mobile

Plasma Mobile is the newest member to the family of Linux-based operating systems. The OS was announces during a KDE event called Akademy. The KDE community released a prototype of the OS running on Google’s Nexus 5 device.


Tizen is more or less is an Intel project that has died and been resurrected time and again — from Mobiln to Maemo to Meego, to LiMO and now Tizen.