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 Distribution of Ubuntu CDs

Our member Dr. Mandar Mitra from ISI, Kolkata has about 99 sets of Ubuntu CDs for distribution. He is busy at this moment, if you want to grab a copy send me your request at this address -> indradg (at) icbic (dot) com

 Open Source Vision - the Novell viewpoint

With the acquisition of SuSE and Ximian, Novell has a strong presence in the Open Source Market. With some strategic initiatives like the open sourcing of YAST and the Ximian connector, the company has also made an emphatic statement on its committment to the Open Source community. In this interview for the Indian GNU/Linux Users [...]

 An interview with Dr Louis Suarez-Potts, Community Manager, OpenOffice

Dr Louis Suarez-Potts (louis at openoffice dot org) performs an important function as the Community Manager for OpenOffice. In an interview with Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (sankarshan at bengalinux dot org) for the Indian GNU/Linux Users Group - Kolkata Chapter, he talks about his job as the Community Manager, localisation of OpenOffice, deployments of OpenOffice among other [...]

 Open Source Limits

Tony Healy, a research software engineer and policy researcher in Sydney, Australia has recently authored a 4 page report (hereafter termed as the Report) titled ”Has Open Source reached its limits?” for The Institute for Policy Innovation.
IPI,as the Report states is ‘a non-profit,non-partisan educational organization founded in 1987. IPI’s purposes are to conduct research, [...]

 A GNU/Linux community at Madhyamgram

“The Internet has a curious paradox. At one end it breaks down barriers of geography and politics, on the other it takes away the vitality of personal interaction” says, Dipankar Das [1]
Madhyamgram is around 40 minutes by train from Kolkata, and is really not the archetypal suburban township. Elements of modernity and urban living tinge [...]

 GNUWinII CD : Free your Windows

One of the recurring problems faced by Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts is that being fed on a staple diet of MS-Windows platforms and suites [in their different flavors] it becomes difficult to encourage people to change to a GNU/Linux environment. In most cases the migration curve is steep and the fear and uncertainity [...]

 The end of an era ? Or a dawn of one

Imran William Smith has posted an interesting bit of news on AsiaOSC.
Pointing to a status update in Microsoft’s support for its legacy flagship Windows98 OS, he goes on to quote -
But the major event is probably when ‘extended support’ becomes ‘unsupported’. For Windows 98, this is on 16 January 2004.
For a majority of users in [...]

 Brave GNU India - at Belgaum

BraveGNUIndia By FN [Frederick Noronha]
Goa turns oppressively humid after March. Taking, therefore, a weekend break at this time of the year to Belgaum was a pleasant option.
Belgaum? Where’s that?
Okay, this city once caught in a border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra, and is just outside the Goa border. It’s home to engineering and medical colleges. [...]

 Microsoft and Open Source Ports

A recent post by Imran William Smith at AsiaOSC discusses about the issue of “Why Microsoft is porting some of its products to Linux ?” The article is available here. Given the stranglehold the Redmond giant seems to possess on the desktop application suite market, it is surprising change in business policy at first sight.
The [...]

 Linux: Finding a New Role in India

By Frederick Noronha
Talent-rich but resource-strapped businesses in countries like India are finding different models for creating and utilising the potential of computer software. Volunteers of the innovative Linux operating system demonstrated how this decade-young wonder in computing holds out immense promises to the [...]