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 “Trusted” Computing and Digital Rights Management

Said I trust you but I lied!
Recent reports available with news sites and also published in the Economic Times of India suggest that Microsoft [hereinafter referred to as MSFT] will be pushing through the Windows Rights Management Architecture & Services [WRMA & WRMS] by the 1st week of March, 2003. In the light of such [...]

 TCO for schools - Why schools need to understand Cost Metrics

One of the major consequences that happen with intriguing regularity when schools invest in computerization and/or modernization of existing computer labs is that the governing boards often fail to factor in long term costs for the efficient utilization of the assets. Schools need to evaluate options, form a sound judgment as to available options and [...]

 TCO: Total Cost of Ownership - a case for Linux in Schools

Amidst the brouhaha over the Microsoft sponsored study that reflected the act that “in the long run, the TCO for systems running Linux as OS would be considerably higher than ones running on MS platforms”, one item that got lost is the usage of the word TCO. TCO as defined by the above mentioned IDC [...]