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 The quick-fix guide to Slackware Package Management.3

In order to create a Slackware package, you will need to have the binary files for the package you want to create. Obviously this means you will need to either have the binary files already available in your system, or you will have to build the binary files from the source [...]

 The quick-fix guide to Slackware Package Management.2

Installpkg installs Slackware packages just like pkgtool does, except it does it on the fly without you needing to choose from menus. The basic usage command is:
root# installpkg foo.tgz
This command will install foo.tgz into your system. However, newer files in the package will overwrite older files existing on your system. You will want to make [...]

 Review of Knoppix Hacks

Knoppix is a Live-CD distribution. You burn it to a CD, put the CD into the CD drive and reboot into a Linux environment. When you are done, take out the CD and reboot. It is a swiss army knife of utilities useful for many tasks. However very few books have been so far written [...]

 Distribution of Ubuntu CDs

Our member Dr. Mandar Mitra from ISI, Kolkata has about 99 sets of Ubuntu CDs for distribution. He is busy at this moment, if you want to grab a copy send me your request at this address -> indradg (at) icbic (dot) com

 The Linux Diskless Workstation HOWTO

I thought I could link my (pretty dated) HOWTO for building diskless workstations with Linux on ILUG-Cal. I guess more people could read it this way. Anyone prepared to maintain, or improve the document are most welcome. Visit this link if the one below doesnt work.

 The quick-fix guide to Slackware Package Management

Slackware Linux makes use of Slackware packages for easy installation, and removal of user installed software. Slackware packages have a .tgz extension and can be obtained from the Slackware home site at, as well as various other FTP sites that have them. Slackware packages contain binary files, meaning that there is no need to [...]

 New Features of 2.5.x Linux Kernel

You have heard about 2.5.x series of Linux Kernel. May be you are
using it. Check the article written by Kernel maintainer Dave Jones
about the new features which can be found in 2.5.x Linux Kernel tree
from the following URL