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 Linux Kernel Hits 2.6.24

The first new Linux kernel of 2008 is now out, showcasing improvements that run the gambit of bug fixes to new performance and feature enhancements.
One addition found in the new 2.6.24 Linux kernel is the new ability for write-throttling code.
“This prevents one heavily-used block device from starving the other devices. so it’s great for throughput [...]

 2010 - Big Linux Year

2010 was a big year for Linux, with four major kernel releases, multiple enterprise Linux updates and some large vendor shifts that will likely affect the Linux market for years to come.
The Kernel
At the core of all Linux based operating systems is the Linux kernel. During 2010, Linus Torvalds presided over the release of four [...]

 Linux kernel 2.4.21 released

Get that robe of the high priest, and light up the candle, for once again it is kernel compile time. The latest incarnation of holy kernel has arrived to bless us - Rejoice!!
Listen!! For the gurus are speaking about the Changes…

 Development kernel 2.5.65 Released

Linus has finally released the 2.5.65 development kernel. This large patch includes a bunch of scheduler work, some IDE work, some devfs trimming, NUMA updates, a PCI update, a number of kbuild updates (including the long-awaited GTK front end for “make xconfig”), various architecture updates, and a long list of other fixes. See the announcement [...]

 Kernel 2.4.20

Well, the latest model in the holy and stable 2.4x series has been released - time to go out for a spin. Download the sources, turn off the lights in the room, put on the sacred attire of the Linux high priest, light the candle, and start the compilation. (if you face problems while compiling, [...]

 New Features of 2.5.x Linux Kernel

You have heard about 2.5.x series of Linux Kernel. May be you are
using it. Check the article written by Kernel maintainer Dave Jones
about the new features which can be found in 2.5.x Linux Kernel tree
from the following URL