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 An interview with Javed Tapia, Director Red Hat India

With the announcement of the Fedora Project, various analysts have predicted a shift in the corporate strategy for Red Hat. In an interview for Indian GNU/Linux Users Group - Kolkata, Javed Tapia (Director - Red Hat India) talks to Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay about Fedora and other current issues.
SM: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay sankarshan at bengalinux dot org
JT: Javed [...]

 The iLUG-Cal album

iLUG-Cal has a shining new album system (hacked together by SDG). The first installment of pictures has been uploaded - check it out here
Keep watching this page for more updates.

 [IMPORTANT] Saturday Meeting Cancelled

Due to unavoidable cicumstances, the meeting on the 8th of February has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will be announcing the new meeting date on this date shortly.

 iLUG-Cal@COMPASS 2003 ends - A grand success!!!

COMPASS 2003 has finally ended, and we are happy to announce that it was really a grand show. Our membership has doubled, and we managed to counter the FUD and the misconceptions in peoples’ mind to a large extent. I am preparing a short report about the event, and it will go up soon. The [...]

 We are going for COMPASS 2003 in a big way!!!

ILUG-Cal is going in a big way for COMPASS 2003. It has obtained a 18 sq-metre stall (9×2) at Sangam Hall in Park Street, probably one of the largest stalls in the event. The stall has been sponsored by the parent body of the group, Linux India.
We have decided that we would use this oppurtunity [...]