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 HTC A9191 Desire HD Ace Android with 2.2

Days are gone of tiny screens and missing all-important details. Now, with the HTC Desire HD, experience a truly great browsing experience on its large 4.3″ screen. With added features like pin-sharp text display, vivid photos and vibrant video, the HTC Desire HD is designed to enhance the way websites should be, YouTube clips and [...]

 Android vs. Linux

The omission of Android from the mainline Linux kernel sparked heated debate through much of 2010. Perhaps the most heated exchanges occurred during the LinuxCon conference in Boston where the debate spanned across multiple sessions. At the core of the debate is Android’s use of WakeLocks for power management usage.
During the LinuxCon conference, Google kernel [...]

 2010 - Big Linux Year

2010 was a big year for Linux, with four major kernel releases, multiple enterprise Linux updates and some large vendor shifts that will likely affect the Linux market for years to come.
The Kernel
At the core of all Linux based operating systems is the Linux kernel. During 2010, Linus Torvalds presided over the release of four [...]

 2010 - the year of Linux

The Linux market has experienced exponential growth globally, including in Latin America, particularly last year due to the effects of the global economic crisis, which increased companies’ need to reduce costs while at the same time staying competitive.
Spoke to Carlos Mu?oz, general manager at Chilean Linux firm Linux Latin America, about the open source market [...]

 Linux 2.6.35 Includes Speedy Google Code

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has released the new Linux 2.6.35 kernel, providing users of the open source operating system with new networking capabilities and performance enhancements, along with filesystem improvements.
Chief among improvements in the new 2.6.35 Linux kernel are incoming network traffic load-spreading features: Receive Packet Steering (RPS) and Receive Flow Steering (RFS), which aim [...]

 Toppling Linux

Software radical Richard Stallman helped build the Linux revolution. Now he threatens to tear it apart.
The free Linux operating system set off one of the biggest revolutions in the history of computing when it leapt from the fingertips of a Finnish college kid named Linus Torvalds 15 years ago. Linux now drives $15 billion in [...]

 Linux Developers Reject GPLv3

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has opposed GPL version 3 since its draft surfaced in January.
Nine months and one discussion draft later, he still isn’t having it and he’s not alone.
A who’s who list of the top Linux kernel developers has joined Torvalds in rejection of the proposed GPLv3. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, [...]

 Desktop Linux

Today, the cheap revolution is focused on back-end data centers, where big shops are replacing expensive Unix servers with clusters of low-cost Linux-on-Intel machines. But phase two of the Linux revolution is targeting user desktops.
Linux today has less than 2% market share on the desktop. That’s because with past versions of Linux only hackers could [...]

 Open Source Smack-Down

Fans of the free Linux operating system should be popping champagne tonight. A judge has tossed out most of the claims in a case claiming Linux contained stolen code.
SCO Group (nasdaq: SCOX - news - people ), of Lindon, Utah, is suing IBM (nyse: IBM - news - people ), claiming IBM stole code from [...]

 SUSE 10.1 Goes Gold

Novell’s SUSE Linux 10.1, code-named the “Agama Lizard,” is now available for download in its final form.
SUSE Linux developer Andreas Jaeger noted in a March posting to the openSUSE mailing list that the release schedule was revised to “strengthen the quality of SUSE Linux 10.1.” At the time, Jaeger mentioned two areas to be strengthened: [...]