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 Introduction to Linux Kernel Modules.3

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When the linux kernel discovers the need for a module, the kernel request to the kernel daemon ( kerneld) to load the appropriate module. Let’s take an example: we are going to mount a NTFS partition in the Linux system. If the NTFS filesystem support is not statically [...]

 Introduction to Linux Kernel Modules.2

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/* Simple Linux Kernel Module feb’2000 */

 The Art of Unix Programming

Eric Raymond has once again come up with a profound and brilliant book - The Art of Unix Programming. Read an online copy of the book at

 FLOSS Development Model and Usability - Some Thoughts

The popularity and increased usage of a software (or a software component) is related to the lesser number of ‘user frustation’ features it incorporates. Software (and thus software technology) is aimed at facilitating tasks. In the recent years, a large number of software and components have been released under the FLOSS development model. However, the [...]

 eXtreme Programming and OSS development - a comparative study

Traditionally ‘engineering’ is more used for tangible things. Engineering has over ages developed to deal with houses, bridges, cars, factories etc. In the realm of software, ’software engineering’ is a different developmental model altogether. Due to its flexible nature, software can be modified very quickly. Moreover, it is built on and through other software including [...]

 Building Linux Kernel - - - > An Insight for Beginners

In this posting I’m trying to intend a brief introduction to building Linux kernels. Commands you should type are marked in bold-face
* Make sure /usr/src/linux is a link that points to the kernel directory that you are trying to compile
* Apply any patches that you have first: [...]

 Let’s talk about X

Lets Talk About X ! Rajarshi Guha When I sat down to write an article on X Windows programming,I began by looking up some code examples and interesting techniques.But then I remembered the various problems I had when I started and I realized that before I could get into any real life examples what was [...]

 Introduction to Linux Kernel Modules

Linux operates in two modes. One is Kernel mode (kernel space) and other is User mode (user space). The kernel works in the highest level (also called as supervisor mode) where it has all the authority and the applications work in the lowest level where the direct access to the hardware and the memory are [...]