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 Bangla in GNU/Linux : making the Penguin speak in Bengali.3

Ankur (the Gnome Translation Project has been named as such by Dr K Ghosh) is working toward supporting Bangla(Bengali) language on GNU/Linux operating system. A majority of the projects are focused on’s Xserver, however some are also platform independent and adds supports of other operating systems. Ankur project has as its primary goals the [...]

 Bangla in GNU/Linux : making the Penguin speak in Bengali.2

On GNU/Linux, the Free type library has implemented Open Type Layout features, and the rapidly developing Pango project is trying to deal with other internationalization issues. Although the Pango rendering engine which handles all text rendering in the GTk2/Gnome2 environment) has a module for rendering bangla, open source browsers like Mozilla still do not possess [...]

 Review of Knoppix Hacks

Knoppix is a Live-CD distribution. You burn it to a CD, put the CD into the CD drive and reboot into a Linux environment. When you are done, take out the CD and reboot. It is a swiss army knife of utilities useful for many tasks. However very few books have been so far written [...]

 Open Source Vision - the Novell viewpoint

With the acquisition of SuSE and Ximian, Novell has a strong presence in the Open Source Market. With some strategic initiatives like the open sourcing of YAST and the Ximian connector, the company has also made an emphatic statement on its committment to the Open Source community. In this interview for the Indian GNU/Linux Users [...]

 Preview of GNOME 2.6

GNOME 2.6 is just around the corner, and I figured out that many GNOME users would like to know what’s in store. So I installed GNOME 2.5 (development version for 2.6) in my box, and came up with a list of the new stuff that are coming up.

 A GNU/Linux community at Madhyamgram

“The Internet has a curious paradox. At one end it breaks down barriers of geography and politics, on the other it takes away the vitality of personal interaction” says, Dipankar Das [1]
Madhyamgram is around 40 minutes by train from Kolkata, and is really not the archetypal suburban township. Elements of modernity and urban living tinge [...]

 What’s coming up in GNOME 2.4 - a look at GNOME 2.3

Having nothing better to do (and wanting to do a bit of testing on the localization stuff we are working on), I decided to download the latest beta of GNOME - GNOME 2.3.5 (Jebe) . Since the beta release is imminent, and the feature freeze is already in place, the system that I am running [...]

 Bangla in GNU/Linux : making the Penguin speak in Bengali

The need to localize
In a Sourceforge article on localization, Prof. Venkatesh Hariharan makes a pertinent comment - “The localisation of Linux to Indian languages can spark off a revolution that reaches down to the grassroots levels of the country”
The problem faced in harnessing the power of ICT(information & communication technologies) in India is that all [...]