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 Review of Knoppix Hacks

Knoppix is a Live-CD distribution. You burn it to a CD, put the CD into the CD drive and reboot into a Linux environment. When you are done, take out the CD and reboot. It is a swiss army knife of utilities useful for many tasks. However very few books have been so far written [...]

 A doctor’s tryst with freedom

I take the opportunity to introduce to you, Doctor Gustav Degreef who hails from Argentina and was educated and trained in the US. What binds us, is the fact that Dr. Gus as he likes to be called, is a Linux freak! just like most of us… The following paragraphs are a collection of Dr [...]

 Slackware 10 – A Breathtaking Performer

Sumeet Madhukar Moghe recently installed Slackware 10 on his notebook, and was pretty impressed by the latest avatar of the venerable Slack. Here\’s what he has to say about the distro.

 Preview of GNOME 2.6

GNOME 2.6 is just around the corner, and I figured out that many GNOME users would like to know what’s in store. So I installed GNOME 2.5 (development version for 2.6) in my box, and came up with a list of the new stuff that are coming up.

 A GNU/Linux community at Madhyamgram

“The Internet has a curious paradox. At one end it breaks down barriers of geography and politics, on the other it takes away the vitality of personal interaction” says, Dipankar Das [1]
Madhyamgram is around 40 minutes by train from Kolkata, and is really not the archetypal suburban township. Elements of modernity and urban living tinge [...]

 Talking Freedom, Sharing Knowledge : The Future is Open

The Premise
In a recent issue (Vol 1 no 9) of Linux For You (, Frederick Noronha raises an important issue when he states that -
“Mastering technology is good but it’s more important to be large-hearted when sharing it.”
A ground level shift is slowly but surely happening in the Free/Libre and Open Source software development scene. [...]

 The Art of Unix Programming

Eric Raymond has once again come up with a profound and brilliant book - The Art of Unix Programming. Read an online copy of the book at

 FLOSS Development Model and Usability - Some Thoughts

The popularity and increased usage of a software (or a software component) is related to the lesser number of ‘user frustation’ features it incorporates. Software (and thus software technology) is aimed at facilitating tasks. In the recent years, a large number of software and components have been released under the FLOSS development model. However, the [...]

 Brave GNU India - at Belgaum

BraveGNUIndia By FN [Frederick Noronha]
Goa turns oppressively humid after March. Taking, therefore, a weekend break at this time of the year to Belgaum was a pleasant option.
Belgaum? Where’s that?
Okay, this city once caught in a border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra, and is just outside the Goa border. It’s home to engineering and medical colleges. [...]